Desktop Gadgets for the iPhone and Windows 7

Desktop Gadgets

Desktop Gadgets

Desktop gadgets have not been out on the market as long as iPhone apps, but they are gaining popularity. Desktop gadgets and desktop toys are very similar to iPhone apps; reason being is they allow for game play on the pc desktop. Just like on an iPhone where apps allows the player to choose games to play directly on the phone. Both desktop gadgets and iPhone apps are great, they even offer many of the same games. Here is an over view of desktop gadgets and iPhone apps. Read on to see the similarities and differences.

Desktop Gadgets

Desktop gadgets are similar to iPhone apps as they allow the user to play games and download different features to their desktop. Different features included playing games like Snake, Texas Hold’em, Bejeweled 2 and Whack-a-Mole. They also offer a variety of puzzles including Sudoku, Book Worm, and Tetris. Desktop gadgets and not just desktop toys, they also offer helpful features. You can find desktop gadgets that feed the latest news straight to your desktop. There are also inspirational desktop gadgets that give you words of inspiration every day.

Desktop Gadgets – Action Games

Some of the more action games available on desktop toys are shooting games, tank wars, and mission games. The graphics in these games can be amazing depending on the resolution of your computer screen. Most of the games however, are lacking in graphics. Many of them are basic in movement instead of being fluid. However, many of the action games offered on desktop gadgets are a lot of fun and are an entertaining way to kill time.

iPhone Apps VS Desktop Gadgets

Desktop Gadgets

Desktop Gadgets

Now the iPhone has been out a few years longer than desktop gadgets and desktop toys. The technology for the iPhone is also much more advanced than that of an average computer. So Graphics and fluid movements are almost expected things in games. Just because the iPhone has better graphics it does not mean you must go out and buy one right away. Consider playing some desktop destroyer games that are similar to those on the iphone. You never know you might just enjoy playing your desktop gadgets just as much as playing the iPhone apps. Something to consider as a big pro and con, desktop gadgets are for computers that are stationary, iPhone apps on the other hand are on a mobile device. You really cannot lug a whole computer out and about just so you can continue playing your games.

However you decide which one is more fitting for you, just remember these key points.iPhones offer more apps in better details. Desktop gadgets are already available on your home computer with Windows 7. Both also offer paid and free apps or desktop gadgets. Good luck on choosing what is best for you.


About Desktop Gadgets

I like Desktop Gadgets – anything that gives me a distraction and a couple of minutes away from work! Generally, the more destructive the game, the better A desktop destroyer game and desktop games weapons is pretty much what the doctor ordered. Desktop Gadgets are for those times that you could willingly throw the offending electronic equipment out of the window (but can’t afford to).Getting screen toys and desktop gadgets for my iphone has been next on the list, I love nothing better than a cool iphone app or top iphone game.
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